Об игре

Do you like zombie survival games? How about io games? Well then you’ve come to the right place because is the perfect combination of the two genres! In this game you create yourself a 2d character to survive the map with equip with a simple pistol you’ll fight against an increasingly large zombie horde and have the chance to pick up new guns, ammo and items along the way. The cool thing about this game is that its completely multiplayer, you can play with friends or meet strangers out in the wilderness, the community seems to be friendly and helped me out a great deal when I first played.

Как играть?

The introduction pretty much covers the basics but I’ll add a little more, dotted around the map are safe houses which can be used to hide from zombies but you can also use them to talk in game chat to other players which is a super useful feature. Ammo does deplete quite fast so I’d recommend staying close to other players and try to salvage some ammo safely.


The controls are probably one of the only downsides to this game, both your character and your gun are controlled via mouse however you walk where ever your cursor is, this means that you can only shoot in the direction you’re firing which limits your ability to slowly trim down a horde.

4.05 avg. rating (80% score) - 208 votes

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