Об игре

Mypuppet is essentially slither, you roam around the map as a worm and collect food orbs to increase your size.

Как играть?

This game has a very basic play style but is very addictive once you start getting to the top side of the leader boards, when you first begin your journey as a worm puppet you start as a very small and thin player model however eating the passively spawning orbs or eating other worms can make you huge! It is recommended to play next to the bigger worms near the start and either try to catch them out or try and steal some of the food off their kills as you don’t risk much being new. Later on when you find yourself having a fairly big score/worm you’re going to want to surround smaller snakes with your body and slowly close the gap giving them no way to escape. The only way to kill another player is to make their head crash into your body however just remember that anyone can eat anyone once they’re dead!


All movement in is done via mouse, the head of the worm will follow your cursor and you can use left click to boost your speed however this will slowly consume your size and drop food orbs behind you.

3.12 avg. rating (62% score) - 353 votes

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