Об игре Ovrmind

Overmind has one of the smaller communities I’ve come across, it was hard to get a real feel for the game because of this but here’s what I have for you. Ovrmind is a 2d space shooter, you have the option of 3 different types of spaceships all with unique traits and weapons. The game can be played as either a free for all or a team death match in which you’ll need to rely on your teammates in order to survive.

Как играть?

You venture around space in your ship taking on other players, sadly there is no side objective or pickups around to get in the meantime but the combat is a bunch of fun with enough players. One thing I found is that some of the slower ships often fell to a disadvantage as their big projectiles were easy to dodge where as the faster ships could shoot faster and did a lot more damage overtime. Overall the game has a lot of potential and is a bunch of fun, I’d recommend playing with a friend though in case the servers are reasonably empty.


To move your ship around use the WASD keys, left click is used to shoot and the abilities activate when conditions are met.

3.95 avg. rating (78% score) - 75 votes

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