Об игре Pirac.io

In this game you play as a mighty pirate captain, its your duty to take out other pirates and claim the vast seas as your own! Take out civil ships to earn gold to buy upgrades or take out other pirate captains, enemy ships will be indicated on your screen through green arrows and large threats will be pointed out through orange/red arrows depending on how strong they are.

Как играть?

You take control of a pirate ship and travel across the sea battling your way through passive boats and plundering other pirates, as you destroy more opponents you will acquire gold which can be used to upgrade your own ship. This gold can be spend on one of 5 attributes that include total health, reload speed and cannon damage there are also some others but we’ll leave some things to 1st hand experience. In Pirac you are given a convenient radar in order to find other ships but we recommend you use this to avoid them at the beginning as they are probably a lot stronger than you!


You can steer your boat using the mouse, if you wish to stop moving simply hover your cursor onto of your ship so it doesn’t go in a direction, you can also fire your cannons using left mouse button.

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