Об игре Xgun.io

Xgun is an incredibly addictive arena based shooter, you’ll find yourself starting off in a tank equip with basic weaponry and surrounded by enemy players. Around the map are power ups/weapon packs that you can take to get new and stronger weapons from that can be used to take out your opponents more efficiently.

Как играть?

In case you’re unfamiliar with this type of game its a big free for all in a medium sized map that allows for a lot of action, certain weapons are a lot stronger so its all about getting a lucky find. Don’t worry about them being too overpowered however as each gun can only be used for a limited time, after which you’ll be able to pick up another and dominate your enemies all over again! The maps come with a lot of cool scenery which as well as looking good they also provide great cover, so in fights its recommended to stay near them in case you get overwhelmed.


To move your tank around use the WASD keys, left click is used to shoot, right click is used to accelerate your tank forward and R is used to reload.

3.83 avg. rating (76% score) - 114 votes

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